Function in Craft – Ceramic Vessels by Lighting Designer Jason Miller

It’s great admiring the work of talented craftsmen who make stunning objects by hand, but it makes us mere mortals feel slightly inadequate and can discourage people from giving these crafts a try themselves. This is one of the reasons why I was drawn to this work here by lighting designer Jason Miller, a Brooklyn-based creative and the founder of studio Roll & Hill.

The work I’m presenting today is his ceramic collection that’s made on the pottery wheel and glazed by hand. Jason says that he took a wheel throwing class in college, but it took him twenty years to buy himself a pottery wheel and begin throwing again. Not only is he talented with his shapes and forms, the pieces are aesthetically pleasing on the eye, which is partly down to his experience as a designer and artist, and the glazing is also intriguing.

Another thing that caught my attention was the vases that feature metal or wood handles, something very unique and is certainly a concept that I think Jason should keep exploring. This idea of mixing different materials, as well as functional and handmade elements, makes for a series that could really inspire. Here are a few photos from his portfolio but more can be seen on his website linked below. Enjoy.


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