Whitepoeming – Porcelain Collection by Korean Artist Wonjae Jo

I myself have been focusing heavily on porcelain after spending a number of months working solely with stoneware clay. Porcelain really has that ability to pull you in and keep you gripped for a lifetime. My personal interest is linked with the colour white, a colour that can be attained by blending all the colours of the spectrum together. But I’m also interested in how you can play with the opacity and textures with this specific clay body.

Wonjae Jo has confirmed my thinking this with a new collection of work for 2017 titled Whitepoeming. This is a series of vessels that are built using the potter’s wheel and then cut and trimmed. The white porcelain walls have been painstakingly shaved to make a unique pattern and rhythmic composition that draws your eye in.

It’s obvious to see that Wonjae Jo is intrigued by light itself and how this plays a role in the appearance of the vessel. This specific cutting technique on the already thin walls emphasises the transparency and reveals light depending on how deep they are. It’s a real marvel of light and shadow, I’m truly in awe. Here are a few photos from this specific collection, other work like this can be seen on the portfolio linked below.



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