Open Your Eyes By Camille Marotte

French filmmaker Camille Marotte reminds us it’s the summer season in this short creative film he has recently created which has been titled “open your eyes”. Camille obviously wants the viewer to pay attention to the finer details of life and this is exactly what this project does in a very observational style.

Based in Paris, Camille is both a director and motion designer working mostly in the commercial industry. I imagine this is something of a personal project as he seems to sharing a fair few of these lately on Vimeo. I picked out this short as I was really impressed with the subtle soft natural lighting that Camille has made the most of, capturing a stunning little scene which really summarises the idea of the perfect summers morning.

Set to the classic sound of The Cinematic Orchestra this short is filled with fantastic atmosphere, the overall feel of the piece is quite relaxing and all in all the film is a real eye pleaser. If you’d like to view similar work from Camille I’d recommend taking a visit over to his Vimeo page, for his commercial projects I’l leave a link to his portfolio.


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