Collection of Works from Regis Brodie

I thought I’d stick with craft again after sharing wood turner Jonathan Leech with you all last time around. Today I was impressed with the multifaceted nature of creative Regis Brodie’s work, so I’ve brought across a selection as a nod of appreciation to the Pittsburgh based artist, potter, sculptor and professional speaker. As you can see from what we have here Regis likes to take quite an expressive approach to a clean cut form, be it a functional vessel or a decorative piece this chap isn’t afraid to add a dash of colour to his work if need be.

I think this is one element that really drew me towards the work of Regis, as he seems to have an inept ability to mix in a little rustic character to a minimal form. Even when he adds in a splash of yellow to his work, which in it’s nature is quite a bold and sometimes flashy colour, there seems to be a great balance between individualism and minimalism. I’ve not come across Regis prior to today so I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing one of his speeches, I would say however if he has as much of a story to tell as his creations then I’m sure these are a really inspiring experience.

His style reminds me a little of a late great potter named Toshiko Takaezu, who if you’ve not heard of before you can learn a little about here. I’m not sure if Regis has taken inspiration from Toshiko directly but I think the two parties could definitely appreciate the outlook each other takes in creating if they were both still around. For those that would like to follow the work of Regis Brodie from here on in I’d recommend checking back on his website from time to time, I’ll be sure to add him to my ever growing list of creatives.


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