The Art of Making by Heath Ceramics

I always seem to be landing on the Heath Ceramics webpage so why it’s taken me this long to bring across an article from them is a little beyond me. There’s no time like the present to resurrect this however which is why I’ve raided their “Art of Making” section as a little nod to the work that they’ve been doing since 1948 would you believe.

Not only do Heath produce some mind-blowing pottery and ceramics they’re really open to sharing their story and offer up a view of their design led manufacturing process with ample photography to compliment. You can often tell the mark of a company by how open it is to the idea of transparency and the fact they have a dedicated section which provides context to the consumer goes a long way for me personally.

In terms of their actual process I think it’s refreshing they stay true to the traditions of the age old industry whilst still generating large quantities, something I’m sure is a tightrope task to balance. You have to commend them for steering away from the latest technology, especially given the fact they’re so established, they’ve put their product before the profit which unfortunately you don’t see too much anymore.

Just looking over these images you can really see the quality and hard graft that has gone into creating these, it’s obvious Heath take great care in making every single item they produce the best it can be. I’ve got a huge admiration for the work that they do and I think you all should do too, if you’ve got a moment why not head across to their website and see what else they have up for offer.


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