Form by Brian Franczyk

Over the weekend I bumped into the portfolio and photographic works of Brian Franczyk, it was a nice surprise as I had browse through the different sections of his website and found some stunning shots in general. A series of particular interest was one titled “form” which mainly involved photography of design led objects, for example here in this post we can see the PK 11 chair designed by Poul Kjærholm and also the plywood lounge chair by Charles and Ray Eames.

As you know by now we’re always talking about mid-century designers and their furniture/architecture, so I thought this fitted right in with our content schedule. I had a feeling that Brian must of had some sort of link to furniture of this era and it turns out he was actually the director of photography for 9 years at Wright Auction in Chicago which specialises in mid-century design. So a lot of this work comes from his time there, he left in 2008 to produce his own design and photography projects which is really great to see. His fascination for timeless objects has been with him since his early college days at the Institute of Design in Chicago, setup by László Moholy-Nagy, a Hungarian painter and photographer as well as professor at the Bauhaus school, and was originally named the “New Bauhaus”. This has obviously transcended into Brian’s own works and you can really see that he’s got a great eye for form, aesthetic and proportion, the lighting is always perfect as well.

My aim was to not only showcase the furniture, which is an added bonus, but to also showcase the greater details and the beauty in these objects. It’s nice to see these abstract shapes up close and personal, take the above image for example, you wouldn’t even know these were two chairs, the curves are spectacular and the spacing between each section is terrific. It reminds me of an Alexander Calder sculpture, it has that same sort of abstract feel but it looks so right on the eye. Overall Brian has some stunning work on his website, I would highly recommend floating that way now to have a quick browse, it will definitely be worth your while.


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