Set of Imagery from Industry of One

I’ve really enjoyed the Industry of One webpage over recent months so as a nod of appreciation to the work that Adam Patrick and Rachel Brown undertake I thought I’d bring across a small set of photography which features a few familiar faces. Although their initial context was to accompany the dedicated interview of these individuals, I felt these worked really well together in a set especially from a men’s style point of view.

A few of you may recognise William Hereford (in image 2 & 6) who we have covered here in the past for his short films and captivating sets of photography. I didn’t realise however that William had graduated from a History major previously or worked in fashion photography before finding his passion for documenting fine food. So it’s great to be able to get behind the minds of such individuals and learn a little more about what makes creatives tick, with Industry of One excellent at doing just this.

I think you can learn so much about a person from simply throwing questions back and forth, we certainly have unearthed so many interesting facts about individuals in the past through our own interviews, which help form the journey of people but very rarely reach the surface of conversation. I just felt that these fantastic interviews and photographs were deserving of views by many more eyes and who knows perhaps you may get inspired to start a venture of your own or a fresh career off the back of one of these.

Why not head across to their webpage and see what else they have to offer, I’ve no doubt that if you enjoy our website and interview section you’re not going to be disappointed with what Rachel and Adam have to offer.


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