Updated OEN Feature – Behind the Scenes at TRUCK Furniture in Osaka, Japan

I think it’s quite easy to get sucked in to the loophole of having to update the website with a fresh design, or radically changing the appearance for short term gain. It’s a similar principle with the shop and the makers that we stock. I want to support them on a long term basis, not just momentarily whilst they are fresh and new.

So with this in mind I used a bit of down time to update our feature on TRUCK Furniture, which was published all the way back in 2013. I took a trip out to Japan to visit their workshop, showroom and cafe late last year, so I wanted to highlight some imagery that I took on my camera while I was there.

Reuniting with Tok for a quick tour was great and it was nice to meet all the craftsmen and get a feel for the company in person (something I had only done through the books we sell in the shop). This mini creative hub in Osaka that Tok has created is a real gem, you should definitely visit if you’re ever near by. Here are a few images and a link to the updated feature page, the interview itself is a little old but resides at the bottom of the page and is still relevant. I hope you enjoy it.

Read our updated feature on TRUCK Furniture here →


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