Memory of Emotions – Translucent Porcelain Vessels by Korean Potter Inwha Lee


I tend to think of ceramics as a subject that, although is steeped in tradition, is also bogged down and sometimes restricted by it. So I regularly wander about ceramics and the way in which it could be expanded upon, pushing it to the limit, so to speak. This is exactly what South Korean potter Inwha Lee has done with her fantastic porcelain vessels from her 2016 collection titled “Memory of Emotions”.

She creates these special forms by throwing them on the pottery wheel, once they are dry she then sands and works the interior and exterior until they’re completely smooth. The way she subtracts the clay leads to mixed translucency running across the surface, creating a vessel with unique abstract sections. Not only that, the walls are so fine that light can completely pass through them. It’s really mesmerising to see.

As I mentioned above, Inwha Lee has been able to take the traditional values of Korean porcelain and push them to new heights. Her work is technically functional, but the values and concepts behind them are purely artistic. This creates a wonderful mixture of art, craft and design. I hope you like these and will view more on the link below. Inwha Lee doesn’t have a personal website but South Korean gallery LVS have just held an exhibition titled “Depth of light”. Enjoy.