Short Documentary From Kris Van den Bulck

Film student Kris Van den Bulck recently produced this interesting project in which he introduces Belgian Cartoonist Jangojim, I thought it was well put together and had some nice elements incorporated so here it is for all of us to view. I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve included this type of artist before, but I have to admit I quite enjoy the quirkiness of Jangojim’s work – this is a bit of a guilty pleasure on my part.

The young artist talks us through how he sources out inspiration with his view of the world, along with the background history of his work and how his style has developed over time among other topics. Kris really has provided us with an in-depth flavour of what it is the young creative does, and the everyday items that inspire him.

Although this type of work is often considered more lighthearted when compared to other forms of art, I think if it’s done tastefully it is just as relevant as a framed portrait or small sculpture inside a home. I did quite enjoy this insightful short, if you do too and would like to see more from the artist then follow the link just below.


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