Buried Selves By Scott Foley

Browsing through Scott Foley’s Vimeo profile I found this little gem hiding away which I hadn’t come across before. I really like what I found, It held the same vivid feel that Scott is notoriously known for, along with a heightened sense of mystery. Visually his works consistently impress and this account is nothing new on that score, but in terms of content his works seem to be delving a little deeper than before:

“Like a coin into water, I let them drift into my shadows. There they sit, buried, smothered, formed anew by the pressures of my sub-conscience. They cannot breath, they cannot move, they will not die. Sometimes a finger of light stirs their navy blue center, my memories”

There’s a lot of great energy showcased in this piece which is something again that is not new from Scott, his works always put me in a progressive mood. It’s rare to not be inspired by Scott’s visuals as he really liberates his own ideas in each and every piece he creates.

If you’ve not seen too much of Scott’s work in the past, I’d recommend having a browse through his other films, his works are really quite something.



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