Short Film by Rolf Nylinder

I thought I’d throw a curve ball into the mix, as creative inspiration can come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. “Trout is all”, a short film by Rolf Nylinder, is a light hearted creation which reminds us all that taking a moment to reflect and relax upon a situation is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. This is what I took from this candid scene that Rolf has recorded anyhow, which doubles up as a great teaser for the spring season, hopefully just around the corner as we hit the middle of February.

This short film was created in the beautiful upper Vindelälven rivers of Sweden as Rolf and friends were caught up in their favourite past time, fishing for trout. With the sun gleaming across the lake and the acoustic music playing you can just imagine being amongst the fresh air, leading in for a really relaxing watch. My favourite section has to be the double rainbow view, so before I carry on about rainbows a little like this chap, I suggest you click play below and enjoy.

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