Artist Documentary From Tom Broadhurst

Director Tom Broadhurst of Bandit films brings us this delightful documentary style introduction to one quirky character named Nicholas Jones. An Australian Artist/Sculptor by trade who takes old books and turns them into something new and beautiful to look at. Creative minds come in so many different shapes and sizes so I found this five minute short quite captivating, Nicholas certainly is a unique individual. With lots of his influences drawn from earlier historical context, he’s not the type of person your’e going to come across everyday which makes him the ideal candidate for this type of film.

Nicholas explains in the short that his works do tend to throw up the debate of what is recycling and what is destroying something that has a use. Really though if you look at his works it’s hard for me not to appreciate what he’s creating especially with the craft elements involved. I think this type of project is just as much art as a good graffiti piece or a timeless painting, it’s creative and expressive. If you would like to learn more about the process that the artist undertakes or see added work from him you can do so through the link just below.