I Expect No One By Kristoffer Borgli

“Jeg Forventer Ingen” or to use it’s translated title “I Expect No One” is the latest stunning piece of work produced by Norway based Filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli. A creative we’ve personally admired for a little while now, Kristoffer is constantly producing beautiful projects that are focused around good visual design, which is something you tend to expect from the Scandinavian creatives.

Kristoffer’s ability to not only craft something beautiful and visually pleasing but to also create short film with such great mystery and storyline embedded within in it, never fails to impress and inspire me. The F5 film festival seemed to agree with the undeniable talent of Kristoffer as they commissioned this short masterpiece, and what a great advert for short film they have received in return.

I think that Kristoffer has developed a refined subtlety in his work that can only be described as breathtaking, I was completely captivated throughout the piece, and I personally cannot wait for the next project he produces. I strongly suggest heading over to Kristoffers web page and taking a view of what else he has to offer, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what you find.



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