Stephen Kenn: The Inheritance Collection

I had heard about this project previously through other websites but when I came across the video last night on vimeo it really blew me away. Absolutely stunning filming by The Process Collective who made this piece on Stephen Kenn and his newest project “The Inheritance Collection”.

Stephen, formerly of Temple Bags, has basically created a set of furniture that is sourced and made locally in Los Angeles using repurposed WWII military fabric as upholstery. Other elements include steel welded frames with a marbled brown finish, custom webbing belts and smooth leather straps. I remember I had quite a fascination for temple bags and their products back in the day and have showcased them quite heavily on our website. It’a shame that they’re now working under another name, but at the same time it’s great to see projects like this spring up with the same enthusiasm and direction. I’m pretty much in awe of the video which does a great job at conveying the actual process behind each piece and also the man behind the brand, a pretty humble guy.

The design looks simple and comfortable and is pretty much as functional as you can get, stripped back so you can see all the elements and workings. Although I’m not really into the “heritage look” as much as I am the clean and minimal, I think the video below really balances it all out and goes beyond the look and deeper into the message itself. Such as the artisans behind the furniture and also representing the working class people who make these products and items that we use on a daily basis, they deserve to be highlighted and appreciated for their passion and dedication!


  • Stephen

    Thanks for your kind words. If you’re ever in LA please hit me up and I’ll make you a cup of great coffee at our showroom in downtown.

  • Mark Robinson

    Ha cheers Stephen. If we ever make it across from England we’ll definitely call in …

  • Lise Palamarchuk

    stunning steve. stunning.

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