Photography by Famapa

A London based photographer, who we know by the name of Famapa, has recently grabbed my attention on flickr and her blog titled My Funny Eye. I think as humans we have a trait where we like to nosey into other peoples lives, and get inspiration from how other people are living. This is definitely the case here.

Famapa seems to take interesting photos of random bits and bobs, mainly from the perspective of herself. A bit like The Peep Show or something. Obviously every photographer gives their first person account, but not in this sort of way.

For example if you head to her flickr you see lots of shots of her feet and different types of floors that she’s standing on, all are quite blatant in the way they come across. Also there are some really quirky places that she’s visited in London, so you might be interested in that.

Other than that, I really enjoyed all the photography. Very genuine.

Scroll down for more, plus shoot over to her flickr or blog for more of her image goodness.


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