Perpetual Pattern – Herringbones Dyed Wood Furniture by Studio Raw Edges

A valuable lesson to take forward in to all walks of life is to step outside of your comfort zone in order to progress and learn. Even if the result differ from what you originally intended you often find something that can be transferred over to another medium or be combined to create something completely new that you can work from.

This is partly why I was drawn to the work of London based studio Raw Edges who has produced this small furniture collection titled ‘Herringbones’. They experimented with dipping wood into different pigments, applying layers of the dye at a 45 degree angle to create a chair, coffee table, desk, wooden screen, and a dining table with a unique herringbone pattern.

Owners of Raw Edges, Yael and Shay, were especially focused on the distinct textures and patterns that were revealed when applying these dyes to a natural wood. Once applied the wood absorbed the colour and created different colour intensities depending on the dye used and the water content found in the wood. It’s a great series and showcases the brilliant results that you can get through pure experimentation. I hope you will experiment yourself and will take a look at their website as a source of inspiration. More pictures of this series placed below.


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