Collection of Works from Nikko

In search of ceramics and pottery Japan is always the best place to start I find, as their history and heritage makes for a sort of mecca of all things craft. Take this particular company that we’re highlighting today as an example, Nikko was founded way back in 1908 by Lord Maeda and his local nobles so we’re talking about a skill set that has been passed down though countless generations. Founded in Kanazawa their surrounding areas became known for quality of craftsmanship much like that of Kyoto or Tokyo today, helping Nikko to form a foundation that has held firm for over a century now.

Surprisingly it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the company began to use fine and bone china in their production, initially they were famous for ironstone ceramics and began to experiment with new techniques and materials around this time. They’ve obviously had to innovate when the time was right but what I love so much about Nikko is that they’ve stayed true to their founding philosophy and still make everything by hand. From the glazes to the creation of moulds everything is crafted in house by local craftsmen and women which is why their products are considered as some of the finest ceramics created in Japan.

The subtle touch of colour and intricate figure make for a really individual collection of homewares, I think these would make a great addition to a minimal style of kitchen as they provide a slice of character without being too intrusive and loud. London based stores Bodo Sperlein and Liberty’s are some of the very few carrying the works of Nikko in Europe so iIf you were in the market for what we have here today I’d recommend heading in that direction. For any further information on the history of Nikko or for stockists outside of Europe they have a rather modern website compared to the history they’ve amounted, so I’ll link to this just below.


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