Abstract Paintings and Mobiles by Junpei Ori


Looking backwards is a fantastic way of learning what has come before us, and how this can play a part in the future. But finding those creative individuals who’ve taken it on their own accord to make is often just as inspiring, sometimes even more so. Especially when they have character and charm like these paintings by Japanese artist Junpei Ori.

The Tokyo based artist has been producing these abstract works for a number of years and often depicts still life abstractions, breaking scenes down in to a number of basic elements. Alongside this he uses primary colours, and a few shades in-between, to express what’s truly necessary. I suppose as a designer I was instantly drawn to his rendition of Alvar Aalto’s tea trolley for Artek that can be seen above, but I also liked the fact that these geometric forms had a whimsical feel which is often lacking in abstract art.

To create these Junpei uses a mixture of oil paints as well as painted paper cut-outs which are then stuck on to the canvas. He subtly hints at movement by tilting or angling the elements in usual ways. This abstraction is the elimination of the unessential, making for a stronger result which Junpei has demonstrated here. I’m sure if you follow on to his website on the link below you’ll enjoy browsing his work alongside that of his friends, who also follow a similar style in a number of different mediums.