Mosaic Geometric Paintings by Biggs & Collings

Detail of Human Use, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings

I’ve always taken a strong interest in abstract art, but I’ve never really researched the history behind it or influence it’s had on modern art. I’m personally drawn to the likes of Kandinsky, Malevich, Albers and many more, but we can’t forget a new generation of artist’s and makers who’re following a similar path. Today I’m presenting the work of Biggs & Collings, a London-based duo who I feel are definitely on to something special.

A collaboration between Emma Briggs and Matthew Collings, Emma being a Mosaicist and Collings a broadcaster and writer. Biggs connects with the ideals of William Morris and the Bauhaus, which for me instantly struck a chord as we’ve referenced William Morris here a few times before. Although best known for his wallpaper and fabric design, he also designed and made embroideries, tapestries and stained-glass, reviving many of the traditional arts which had been swept away by industrialisation. Before he mastered each craft, he learnt every stage of the hand making process and understood his materials thoroughly so that he could get the best results and teach others, which I admire very much.

Their project is interesting as they’ve created a series of grid like mosaic patterned paintings, but as you look closer it becomes obvious that it’s an experimentation with light. The segments for example are lighter on one side and brighter on the other, following a rigid system of light and dark which almost makes the painting pulsate. In life we can only see shape and form thanks to light and dark areas, so they have decided to play on this thought and elaborate. It’s a great concept and the final pieces look aesthetically pleasing and are sure to work over a number of different mediums outside painting, such as textiles and glass. I’ve picked out some of my favourites from their archive, click on over to their website to see more.

807 Years 2013, oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm

Human Use, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings

Land Of The Living, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings

Detail of 807 Years, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings

Detail of Every Quarter, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings

Detail of 807 Years, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings

The Greater Light 2013, oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

Living Creature, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings


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