Hand Blown Glass by Studio Prepa at OEN Shop


I find the production of glass very intriguing. The fact that there’s certain limits when making glass is an interest to me, the material is notoriously hard to work with and not that simple to conquer as a maker. Like all craft, it takes time and dedication to get to a point where your expression comes through in the material. Glass in particular is all improvisation, especially if you’re blowing by hand like the good folk at Studio Prepa.

In my eyes this duo, husband and wife team Katsuhisa and Mizuho Hira, have really mastered their own working style, making functional pieces that still have flare and warmth. This isn’t easy to convey in such a solid material, I’ve often heard before how people don’t invest in glass for this exact reason. Well the first thing I noticed when I picked up these works by Studio Prepa was the perfect weighting and smooth consistency, it’s nothing like I’ve seen before and the forms are truly beautiful. The katakuchi for example, a version you see above, is one of my favourites with its translucent body and unusual pouring lip.

Obviously these objects are for the long haul, and I hope one day to convey their beauty in person rather than through photos, but for now this the best I can do. Even if you don’t have the funds for such work, the paperweight would be perfect both as a gift or just to serve its function on a desk. I certainly wouldn’t tire of looking at such a piece on a daily basis.

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