A Life’s Work – Portrait of Master Woodturner Steven Kennard


It’s quite special when you come across a film where nearly every moving frame could be a photograph in itself. This is exactly the feeling I had when watching this new piece by Breakwater Studios, who have recently put together a series titled Life’s Work. It’s a selection of short documentaries that follow six master makers, exploring their craft, their process and their lives.

In this particular video that I’m highlighting here today woodturner and sculptor Steven Kennard is showcased. Residing in Nova Scotia, Canada, Steven Kennard creates some fantastic vessels from exotic and indigenous woods, as well as carving sculptural boxes and limited edition work. Although some of his more decorative pieces are in a slightly different style to our own selection in the shop, his words are quite inspiring and hold a lot of truth.

I was especially inspired by his commentary on the objects that we own, and our life being enhanced by viewing something beautiful, whether that be a painting, sculpture or any piece of art. He also mentions the story behind an object, particularly the craftsmanship element which relates quite nicely to our own ethos. Hopefully you like this short film below and will check out the others on Life’s Work website linked below.



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