Brickett Davda Ceramics, Handmade in England

BrickettDavda Ceramics

I had a nice long rest over the Easter break, it gave me some time to reflect on our general direction and the quality of my writing here, possibly more the way it’s evolved over time. Often a small holiday is forced upon me by others, but this time it felt good to get away from the digital world and have inspiration thrown at me from lots of different angles. A bit of sun, nature and greenery does wonders for the mind.

So now that it’s over I’m raring to get going again, starting today with this small film on Brickett Davda Ceramics by photographer and filmmaker Mark Bader. Brickett Davda has been on my list of interesting subjects for a while, but previously I haven’t had too much to go off of in terms of putting an article together (which can be a case a lot of the time). Often I’ll chase them up at a later date, which was the case again over the weekend as I scoured vimeo for inspiring subjects to feed off of. I found the way this was filmed very informative and the imagery linked with the voice over quite poetic, plus it’s great to get in to the mind of the owner and her specific thoughts.

Brickett Davda is owned by creative Jo Davda, who makes simple handmade tableware that’s designed to be used on a daily basis. She started on her kitchen table experimenting with clay as a fine art student, working up to this point where Jo and her fellow workers make items from her standard range and other bespoke collections at their workshop in Brighton, England. The inspiration behind the palette and look of the items is very much from England itself, ironically the colours reflect the grey skies (I’m always complaining about the bad weather here) and the sea of the British coast and countryside, pigments that are calm and serene.

It’s amazing where inspiration comes from, I found this over my short break where I was inspired by the coastline and the countryside itself, so it seems like I have a lot in common with Jo at this moment in time. Hopefully you’ll also take something away from this video and will be able to maybe pull it in to your own work today, or at a future date. I’ll be sure to keep checking their website to see new and improved functional ceramics added to the Brickett Davda collection.


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