Possibilities of Illusion – Patinated Steel Sculptures by Stephan Siebers


I’ve been admiring these wonderful steel sculptures by German artist Stephan Siebers, who balances patinated steel sections to create an illusion of sorts. This idea of forms that are placed in different positions to alter the dimension of the piece is really appealing, obviously it’s quite mesmerising because it seems to defy the laws of gravity, but I also like the fact that you get a new form from a variety of angles. This can lead to something unique or unexpected.

Trained as a carpenter, as well as studying architecture and furniture design, Stephan has put all of this to play in his work seen above and below. Inspired by the Bauhaus and influenced by the minimalist sculptors of the 1960’s, such as Richard Serra, Sol LeWitt and Anthony Caro, he’s taken some cues from their use of an industrial material to create a sold structure.

What’s interesting for me is the lightness in the actual work. Although heavy in material, the distribution of the separate sections makes them seem as though they’re floating gracefully, which is probably helped by the simplicity of the shapes and his approach to having it unadorned an uncluttered. Hopefully you like these and will go on over to his portfolio to see more, they’re intriguing to say the least.