Transforming Nature – Black Granite Sculptures by Masaomi Raku


It’s quite intriguing how sculptors often turn to ceramics as a point of reference when creating their work. I suppose clay itself is malleable, so this can be a great starting point when less-forgiving materials like stone and wood. So I was interested to see that ceramics is also an interest for Japanese sculptor Masaomi Raku, whose main material is actually Zimbabwe black granite, which is also known as Assoluto and Nero black granite.

Born in Kyoto, Masaomi completed his masters in sculpture in Tokyo, later visiting China to study the differences and similarities between the two countries, especially the arts. He’s been able to come back and apply some of this knowledge in to his own sculpture, which are both powerful and abstract. I’m especially in awe of the ‘Transmigration’ series, sculptures which have been placed on a plinth.

Transmigration itself could be deemed as reincarnation, or the passing of a soul after death in to another being. I think what Masaomi has done is use this idea of movement to make unique sculptures that nearly complete and come back on themselves (like the Ens? in Zen Buddhism). I hope you enjoy these and will browse his portfolio, I can’t wait to see other works from Masaomi Raku in the near future.








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