Forms Crafted from Wood – Hand Carved Wooden Sculptures by Alison Crowther


Fantastic sculptures by Alison Crowther, a British artist who resides near the Downs, south of England. She uses unseasoned English oak and other indigenous hardwoods found in the region to produce them. In the early stages of the making process she works with a chainsaw, later using a chisel, as seen in the photos below, to carve textures and patterns on to the surface of the sculptures.

Her work ranges from bowls, to small objects, large benches and other pieces of furniture. But what’s most appealing to me are her sculptures, I’m intrigued how she’s able to give them such a beautiful looking surface texture, with the contrasting natural randomness of the shape they really work together. Inspired by simple organic and geometric forms, she uses the unique grain of the wood to carve these intricate patterns which create depth and intrigue.

It’s also nice to see the picture of someone holding the small sphere which has been crafted in a similar way. I’ve been regularly referring back to David Pye’s book “The Nature and Art of Workmanship”. In the book he talks a lot about design and craftsmanship, it would be worthy of a purchase if you haven’t read it already. Anyway, here are a few of my favourites from Alison’s portfolio, but please go on over to her website to see more.