Collection of works from María Aparicio Puentes

Time for a little visual arts now as we visit the work of Chilean creative Maria Aparico Puentes and her mixed media imagery. By combining film photography with textiles Maria curates a playful yet eye pleasing series that emphasises the geometry found in these wonderfully taken black and white stills. I was amazed to learn that she actually hand stitches these alternations to the photo before uploading them to the computer. The colours you see in the images below are actually coloured thread and not alternations on photoshop or other software.

Seen as it’s friday I thought I’d bring this across for us all to admire as it’s not the sort of project that you’re going to find floating around all that often, you have to congratulate Maria for her imagination and individuality. As I was browsing over her portfolio I was thinking to myself what a spectacle she could create if she was given the opportunity to create something larger, like an advertising board for example.

Just imagine if advertising could be this intuitive and creative, I’ve no doubt it would be more memorable and most importantly have more substance than the current garbage we are all subjected to. I’m sure the Eames duo who Maria has featured in this series would have approved, but perhaps this is all just wishful thinking on my part – an advertising board is rather large after all. Nevertheless the Chilean creative is a talent to be cherished so make sure you head across to her webpage and view the other works that she has undertaken if you enjoy what we have here.


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  • maría

    Thank you so much for your kind words Daniel!!! It`s a beautiful surprise for me :)
    All the best.


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