A Companion for Life – Furniture by French Designer Christophe Delcourt

It’s really inspiring to come across other designers who have a similar mindset to my own and are actually following through and standing by their ethos. French designer Christophe Delcourt makes stunning pieces of furniture that have a great balance between contemporary and handcrafted. This aesthetic comes from Christophe’s strong support for the french craft industry, working with various craftsmen to help finish these pieces of furniture and have their skills branch out to more people.

Delcourt’s furniture company was launched in the late 90’s and he always had the ethos that a piece of furniture is a “long term investment, a true companion for life”. This kind of ideology goes against the grain as most businesses have to think in terms of style, pushing out new designs on a yearly basis to make more money. Instead Christophe approached the design process from a slight different viewpoint, looking to make a design that is unique thanks to the construction method and materials used.

It didn’t surprise me then to read that he surrounds himself with the work of other designers who share a similar mindset, often using works by François Champsaur, Jean-Pierre Tortil, and many other well-known designers to channel this way of thinking in to his own work. I picked out a few pieces from his portfolio that I really liked, but I recommend scanning through his website below as there are many more on show. Enjoy.



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