A Moment of Tranquility – Glassware by Norwegian Designer Sverre Uhnger

There’s something about glass that’s so appealing. The thinness, the opacity, the flowing nature of the material, also the way in which the light bounces off and creates an illusion of sorts. These particular works by Norwegian Designer Sverre Uhnger are particularly special. Sverre works in the space between craft and design, trying to bridge the gap between modern design and bring it to the appeal of the masses.

Obviously in a functional sense these objects have appeal, but looking through his collections it’s great to see his drawings that give a little bit of an insight in to his thought process, drawing lines outside the box and trying to abstract the shapes. Pushing the possibilities in this way is really interesting to see from an industrial design standpoint, and in terms of the craft, pushing the glass makers to use new methods to produce the works is also impressive. This is the cause for progress in any field.

I added in a couple of other works from two other series that he worked on with Magnor Glassworks in Norway, as well as some photos of the craftsmen making in their studio. I hope you can appreciate these beautiful forms and will go on to explore more of Sverre’s work on the link below. Enjoy.



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