Joining and Intertwining – Hand Woven Textiles by American Artist Ruth Laskey

This year I feel like I have picked out many projects that transcend a medium and try to explore materials in unique and interesting ways. Often the most inspiring projects are those that adapt some kind of technique and attach it to a different kind of art form. In a visual sense I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing with my own work, pondering how I can apply the textures of other materials in to the field of ceramics and if it could work as a series.

Ruth Laskey is an American artist based in California and is known for her minimalist weavings and grid paintings. The grid paintings were some of her original works that she then adapted over to textiles. This for me is most important for me to see as she has been able to jump outside of the box and create works of art that challenge her own sensibility as a creative and become a maker.

The work seen here consists of hand-woven and hand-dyed linen that have been stitched in two thread colours to showcase a series of abstract shapes. The way in which the shapes join and intertwine is almost part of the concept, with the shapes working in harmony to offer visual stimulation in only these two colours. Here are a few of my favourite works from Ruth’s portfolio, more can be found on the link below. Enjoy.

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