Bold Shapes & Architectural Spaces – Collages by Dutch Artist Louis Reith

I first stumbled across the works of Louis Reith in 2014. Taken aback by his solid wood cut-outs that were a combination of abstract shapes I saved his portfolio and throughout the years have checked back to see what kind of progress he has been making with his wor. I always felt we were on a similar wavelength and his style would be perfect for me to talk about. It only took me four years then to get my act together and finally write something, highlighting his newest work for a project titled “Collages of Found Book Pages” that I found very inspiring.

Louis Reith is a Dutch artist who is based in Zetten, Netherlands and is the founder and owner of publishing house Jordskred. Since 2016 he has been producing a book that encapsulates his style for the year, and this project will build on his previous series of collages that are juxtaposed with bold shapes, architectural spaces, landscapes and other artefacts. The minimalist artworks depict a kind of calmness and serenity which links with much of the new imagery seen here, featuring zen gardens and other beautiful contemporary spaces.

The Japanese aesthetic is important to note in this newest series and has become quite a key element in Reith’s work. Many of the modernist designs that we now take for granted have their roots in Japan, so it’s interesting to see the combination of the two and this play between the mechanical and the natural and how abstract and more figurative styles can come together and combine. Here are a few images that caught my eye on his portfolio, other imagery can be found on the link below or you can wait for the book that will release later in the year. Enjoy.


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