Pushing the Boundaries – Bamboo Objects by Industrial Designer Samy Rio

In my opinion bamboo is an under appreciated material that people often overlook. You tend to see objects made from wood, metal or clay, but I think bamboo isn’t given as much credit, which is a surprise considering the amazing properties that it has. Bamboo is both strong and light, but at the same time flexible and easy to manipulate in smaller strands. The smoothness makes for nice tactile properties, it also ages well and often acquires deeper tones with time.

Another plus is the growth rate, growing exponentially meaning that it’s easy to nurture and doesn’t harm the surrounding nature. The versatility of it makes me ponder why it’s not used more, so it was nice to come across this work by Samy Rio, an Industrial Designer who has been trying to manipulate this material and use it to his advantage. He has spent a long time researching the uses of bamboo in industrial applications, so I wanted to bring forward some for you to reference here.

Thanks to his education in cabinet making, later combined with his study of Industrial Design, he was able to transition some of his handicraft knowledge in to the field of mass-production. I think this is a great way for any designer to work themselves in to the industry, starting off with crafts makes you tactile with materials and can make it easy to bring your ideas to reality. Anyway, here is a selection of bamboo objects designed by Samy Rio, hopefully you like them and will view more on his portfolio linked below.


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