Vertical Landscapes – Nature & Modular Units by Artist and Designer Huy Bui

I think all craftsmen have some sort of connection with nature, as most use materials that are sourced from the earth itself. So many of the themes I see revolve around the idea of turning nature in to something of function, which is what I enjoy to see as it has its roots in sustainability. Obviously this way of thinking is on a smaller scale, but when I came across the work of Brooklyn-based Huy Bui it made me think about the planet as a whole and how his modular systems might play a part in our future.

Huy Bui’s work is situated within environmental design, building modular units that can be suspended in space, creating a small ecosystem of sorts that are all connected. The disciplines he uses cross over, using wood and other materials, but also referencing art as his work comes in an installation format, as well as interior design and architecture. Although on the surface they seem like a trendy way to showcase your plants, some of Huy’s deeper level thinking and concepts are of intrigue.

As seen on his website and in the video below, Huy’s project titled ‘Vertical Landscapes’ explores how the flow of water and earth shape the environment over time. His thinking is related to the way in which our living spaces are changing, thinking about how we can keep our connection with nature in this fast-paced world that we live in. I also like the mixture of digital and analogue techniques that he’s using as a maker, we need to use technology in the future to push innovation. Anyway, I recommend you view his website and the video embedded below to discover more.