Bespoke Lighting by The Lindsey Adelman Studio

I really enjoyed watching the process that Bocci undertook in creating their wonderful bespoke lights last week, so I went on the hunt for a little more handcrafted glassware this morning with my eventual destination being the Lindsey Adelman Studio in New York. After taking a short while to browse and learning a little about how the studio creates each piece, I gathered up a little imagery which I resonated with the most and bundled it across for us all to admire here.

As the name of the studio would suggest, the creative direction of each project is run by American designer Lindsey Adelman who started the studio on an urge to reaffirm her love for getting hands on and developing products she could proudly leave her own imprint on. My first impression of the work of Lindsey and the studio was one of diversity, as just gazing through what we have above and below you can see how versatile these lights are in fitting into a range of beautifully designed spaces.

One of the features of the studio is how open they are to customisation and creating something individual for each of their customers. Be it through their pre made sets where components can be put together in your own preference, or a complete custom design made to accommodate the imagination of each homeowner. Why not take a visit to their page even if it’s just to browse, I found it to be quite enjoyable and I’m sure you will too.

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  • Damien

    Lights are cool but lets talk about those interiors. Beautiful.

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