Complexity & Layering – The Kazimir Chandelier by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio


I’ve said this many times before, but it’s great to revisit the studios that you’ve looked at before to see how they’ve developed over time. Ladies & Gentlemen, a studio located in Brooklyn, has really come on leaps and bounds since I wrote about their work in 2014. So it’s really nice to be able to write about their work again.

This time they’ve designed a collection of lighting titled the Kazimir Chandelier, which is obviously a nod to late 1800 Russian artist, Kazimir Malevich who created paintings often composed of flat, abstract areas of multi-layered shapes and compositions. Kazimir experimented heavily with layering, using colour and shape in powerful ways. Ladies & Gentlemen has done something similar with their lighting design, using different patterned and textured glass panes with metal to create these hanging compositions. Much like hanging mobiles.

Actually, this is exactly what I wrote about in the previous article on our blog. Originally these were fairly experimental and had no particular function. But it’s great to see their development in to the field of lighting, making objects for everyday use. What’s amazing about this lighting, in my opinion, is that from each angle you get a totally different view and it’s always changing. Here’s a few of my favourite images, more can be seen on their website. These pieces are being produced by Roll & Hill.