Made Here, Centinela Traditional Arts

Filmmaker Jay Carroll brings us the latest from the charming little video series that Levi’s have been collating titled “Made Here”. In this edition we get to see the work of master weaver Irvin Trujillo as he introduces his craft explaining to us all how he got into the industry, and developed his own style of weaving – I particularly enjoyed the loom shots I have always found them to be fascinating contraptions.

I thought the animals at the beginning of the short were a nice touch, it’s great to see the creation process at different stages, I think it would have been interesting to see the sheering and dying but all in all we get a good flavour of who Irvin is and what he does.

You have to give Levi’s credit for this series as they’ve been on a bit of misson to promote a curation of American craft and culture. It’s great to see them working with independents too, as we get to see a south west inspired jacket Irvin and his wife have been designing panels for. Yet again The Made Here project has come up with some great craftmanship inspired content, hopefully they’ll keep running this series a little while longer!


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