Further Imagery from Jesse Freeman

Jesse Freeman has been out around town with his trusty film camera again, so I’ve collected up a few personal favorites and have brought them across for us all to enjoy. Since we last brought his work across from his first exhibition Jesse has been busy experimenting with several different cameras whilst always staying true to his fly on the wall observational style.

I have to say for me personally one of the benefits of shooting with film is the wonderful range of colours you can achieve, however Jesse’s photography reminds us all of the atmospheric mood that black and white tones can install in a photograph. A few of these are quite haunting really, the moment you get a moving subject with black and white film this wonderful ghosting effect begins to appear which Jesse seems to be a big fan of.

If you’ve not seen much of Jesse’s work previously I’d recommend viewing the older post on his work, also if you head towards his blog you can read his thoughts on the realms of vintage films, particularly some classic Japanese ones.



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