Set Of Imagery From Jesse Freeman

Photographer, fellow blogger, and all round creative Jesse Freeman brings us this great set of photography that he recently showcased at his first ever exhibition. For those actively harnessing the community of Flickr you may recognize the work of Jesse under the name of “I’m Nothing In Particular”, which on reflection is some what of an understatement of the refined candid style of the Ikebukuro, Tokyo city dweller.

Jesse is clearly a great reader of his surrounding with this series the result of him locating several interesting shapes and scenes, then waiting for the right subject to fall into his viewfinder, which in turn completes each image. I’m pretty fond of the mix of contemporary and traditional urban spaces that Jesse selects, they provide great texture and compositional balance to his photos.

I have to say that Jesse’s Tumblr is a favourite read of mine at this moment in time, he’s a great lover of traditional Japanese film which he dissects providing some nice insightful analysis. If you’ve got a moment and these topics tend to interest you, I’d recommend taking a view on the link below.


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