Series of Imagery from Julian Bialowas

Growing up in Montreal, Canada, design student Julian Bialowas has always been surrounded by beautiful scenery, so it’s hardly surprising to see his work drawing inspiration from the great outdoors. Today I’ve brought across a portion of a year long photography project that Julian has thrown himself into, which reminds me a lot of the work we’ve brought across previously from another talented creative named Parker Fitzgerald.

Unlike Parker however, Julian has shot these digitally which has given a really crisp finish to the overall look of each image. Julian himself is quite the explorer so all of these quotes revolve around the idea of getting outside to enjoy our surroundings. When Julian isn’t working on editorials for his publication ’16 Hours’ he spends his time in the Canadian mountains, which I’m sure you’ll agree benefit’s his portfolio immensely.

I think these would make a great addition to an office wall as a slice of daily inspiration, I’ve not seen any talk of Julian selling his works as prints, but I’m sure if you contacted him he’d be open to the idea as a budding student of design. Obviously we couldn’t cram all 365 of these into one post so if you enjoy these I’d recommend heading over to Julian’s page to view a little more.


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