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Our Top Locations in Helsinki for Art, Design & Craft Inspiration

Considering the current climate we know it’s not the best time to write design guides! But we felt strangely nostalgic about the places that have had such an impact on us creatively. Japan was one place, somewhere I’ve explored heavily on a personal level, but Helsinki in Finland is also another that we have visited many times over the years.

As we slowly compile different lists of our favourite locations we wanted to tell about our Patreon Page where all of our guides and special content will be hosted. It’s still something we are developing but we hope to offer trend reports, design/art guides, also unique content and round-up style pieces that can’t be found here and are sure to further your inspiration.

With your support on our Patreon page we can focus on improvements to the content here and the design itself, expanding on what we already have to bring interviews, videos, and more unique content to our website. It also gives us an opportunity to show more of behind the scenes and offer up ideas to our members first. You are what keeps our project alive!

Without you this project really wouldn’t be possible. So I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting us follow our passion and serve you in a better way. You can read more about this membership area on our Membership Page.

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Our Top Locations in Japan for Art, Design & Craft Inspiration