A message from Mark Robinson
Creative Director of OEN

We’ve spent the last 10 years dedicated to finding the best art and design content on the web. Without advertising we have persisted as our passion for timeless design outweighs any monetary value that it can provide. A pursuit to help the wider world and inspire creativity in our community.

One of the worst things about the web is the advertising that ruins and distracts from the reading experience. There’s one catch though … In order to build a business that pays our writers well and helps us foster a real community here at OEN, we are experimenting with a membership model that centres around the people that love our project and consume our content on a daily basis.

With your kind support we can focus on improvements to the content and the design itself, expanding on what we already have to bring interviews, videos, and more unique content to our website. It also gives us an opportunity to show more of behind the scenes and offer up ideas to our members first. You are what keeps our project alive!

Through your support in the form of a pledge on our Patreon Page you can become a member of OEN and receive access to our collection of design reports, PDF city guides, and more perks that we regularly refresh throughout the year.

In the future you will receive:
Exclusive Design Reports
PDF Design/Art Guides of our favourite cities
Members only email list to discuss future ideas for our website

Without you this project really wouldn’t be possible. So we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us follow our passion and serve you all in a better way.

To read more about our values and our goals for the future please check out the OEN Manifesto.

This content is available exclusively to members of OEN Patreon at $5 or more.