A Little Zen by FUJIGOKE

FUJIGOKE near Mt Fuji in Japan
At the base of Mt Fuji is the FUJIGOKE farm, here they cultivate moss for their special dry landscape garden sets


FUJIGOKE’s goal is to develop products that showcase the beauty found in nature. Founded in 2011, their speciality is preserving flowers using a unique freeze-drying technology that instantly freezes and dries the fresh fresh flowers.

Their special freeze-dried moss was born after many years of research and development. This beautiful moss is grown at the foot of Mt. Fuji, with each piece being carefully chosen and preserved at the optimal time. A beautiful series that would make a wonderful gift.


Just at the base of Mt.Fuji is a special farm run by the craftsmen at FUJIGOKE. Here they grow and prepare high quality moss used for temples and traditional gardens in Japan.

They carefully inspect the moss, taking out any impurities, later spraying a special liquid agent made from a natural material and freezing the moss to -35 degrees C, slowly drying it to keep its natural texture and beauty intact.

Thanks to this process watering the moss or any other kind of maintenance is not required and has enabled them to have made their beautiful ‘Karesansui’ kit, meaning ‘Japanese Rock Garden’ in Japanese, so that everyone can enjoy the essence of Japan in their own home.

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A Little Zen by FUJIGOKE 2
The workers at FUJIGOKE carefully brush and prepare the moss. Cleaning it before they use their freeze-dry technology.
A Little Zen by FUJIGOKE 3
A Little Zen by FUJIGOKE 4

What Makes Moss Special

Moss is an ancient and often overlooked plant. What many Westerners regard as a “weed”, in Japan it is cherished, representing the concepts of beauty, simplicity, and refinement.

Visit any Japanese zen garden and you will find moss. Growing on stone lanterns, garden stones, trees, the Japanese climate fits the needs of this plant perfectly and is one of the reasons why it has become so iconic and abundant.

Countering the thought of taming nature is the one of coexistence. Preserving and valuing nature, letting it shine. These are also the ideals of Wabi-sabi, having a “beauty in imperfection”, with moss being seemingly random and quite unexpected. Generating asymmetrical patterns that seem understated and humble, with a little mystery added for good measure.

Instead of fizzling out in the glory of bright colour, it’s an enduring species that has all of the condensed qualities of nature itself.

A Little Zen by FUJIGOKE 5
As the water rises from the moss it is left in a pure state that can be manipulated with ease.
A Little Zen by FUJIGOKE 5
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A Little Zen by FUJIGOKE 10
Design your own scene in your own piece of pottery with FUJIGOKE’s Zen Garden Sets in our shop.
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