Selection Of Imagery From Serge

Based in Moscow, Russia photographer and creative Serge is known by his many followers for collections of photography that are vivid, erie and in some respects detached from the world as most of us know it. Serge often chooses to shoot in low lighting areas and uses very little human presence in his pieces, there is often mist and many of his other workings contain shots that only have one area of the image lit, although its not everyones idea of what photography should be it great to have diversity with creations like these above and bellow. Its not like Serge is short of supporters either as he has racked up nearly six thousand views and over seven hundred appreciation’s on his profile over at the behance network, its clear his bold and intuitive style has paid off and earned him impressive online creditability. To view more photographic workings from Serge follow the link to his Flickr profile which found bellow.

Find more work from Serge here


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