Water City By Martin De Thurah

This is one to get your eyes popping and your jaws dropping, Danish export Martin De Thurah brings us a memorising short film which has me in awe of his running visuals. Titled “Water City” the piece is captured almost entirely with the subjects submersed into water, in a vivid and dream like fashion Martin makes his viewers feel like they are stepping into another alien and unknown world, I love the atmosphere he creates.

The audio work produced in Water City is so well precisely pieced together, and is designed for making the most of every opportunity to maximise the visual content, the combination of sound effect and backing music is blended in a perfect marriage. I’m going to be honest and admit I hadn’t come across Martin’s work in the past, but that changed today as I became a big fan of the work he designs, and the sheer level of execution he brings to the table.