Woodworker Toshifumi Momose


After graduating from Shizuoka Design College, Toshifumi Momose became an apprentice to a local woodworker, later founding his own studio in 2011.

Specialising in the use of a lathe, each piece of wood is hand-turned to create stunning forms that mix the worlds of contemporary design and Japanese craftsmanship.


At the foot of the mountains in Shizukoa City resides the workshop “Hikimonojo 639” owned by Japanese woodworker Toshifumi Momose.

Originally a tea factory, this workshop was renovated to fabricate the current workshop that houses an abundance of lathes, turning wheels, blades, saws, and much more.

Most of the forms are produced using the lathe. This gives Toshifumi the ability to craft very precisely, producing striking forms that draw in the eye. The ‘Hinoki series’ in-particular, which was designed in collaboration with industrial designer Keita Hanazawa, was inspired by his family and the precious moments that we share with the ones we love around the dinner table.

These works by Toshifumi Momose are all about “warmth, kindness, and simplicity”. A fantastic combination.

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