Imposition by Kirill Kuletski

This is a set of photography by Moscow born Kirill Kuletski, who now lives and works in London. He started off as a cameraman for various Russian TV Channels, after moving to the United Kingdom he then developed into working as a Web/Graphic Designer.

Despite being very successful as a designer, his actual passion was photography so he decided to pursue it as a career. And luckily enough, it worked out. He has shown at various exhibitions and has been recognised for his great photography skills.

His work explores the process of using photography as a means to capture mood, and to replicate the exact atmosphere in which the photographer experienced at the time when the picture was taken.

I picked this set called Imposition, i like the variety of photos included, and also the simple and clean shapes. Check it out below.

I also found out Kirill is selling some of his prints on flickr, head over here to have a look if you’re interested –

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