Joseph Erlanger’s House by Phillip Kalantzis

This morning I decided to bring across some photography by Phillip Kalantzis, a New York city based photographer, who took these fascinating pictures of professor Erlanger’s House in Urbana, Illinois. Erlanger was the head of contemporary Dance Division at the University of Illinois, with the house being designed for as little upkeep as possible since the Professor’s busy schedule left no time for household chores, repairs, and maintenance.

All I could find out about the house was that it was built in around 1964 and because of the narrow lot and the large houses close on either side, a two-story town house was conceived without windows on the sides. I was really surprised by the interior and also the abundance of rights angles/modern shapes, simple and understated just like the man himself.

Phillip has got many great sets on his portfolio website, another one I would advise viewing is the Hemmingway/Warren Residence series which is also architecturally brilliant and features some nice Eames wooden lounge chairs. Enjoy.


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