Portraits by Adam Bordow

Simple yet beautiful portraits by Adam Bordow, a photographer based out of Santa Monica, California. His works are not only adventurous, as far as portraiture goes, but also wonderfully composed and really characteristic in their appearance. For example the above photograph of a lady named Adri from Pasadena, every little element seems to be placed perfectly, such as the stool in the background, the white wall with the shadow and light casting across the back of her head, it even comes down to what she’s wearing and how the light is hitting one side of her body and across her face. Then we’ve got such a different photograph below of Dileep Rao, more of a movement shot on black and white film, much grainier and out of focus.

My favourite has to be of the American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, musician and occasional actor, David Lynch. This series can be found as you scroll down on this article, 3rd to 5th photograph, such a genius set and really brings out his personality to the viewer.

You’re sure to enjoy all of Mr Bordow’s photography on his website, so head that way for more. I found it thoroughly enjoyable on this sunny morning.



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