Architecture Photographed by Grant Mudford

This is a prime example of two creative subjects coming together to form a great marriage, as seen here with this series of photography based on architecture by Grant Mudford. Incredible to see such great photography coupled with the admiration for the buildings themselves and how they’ve been designed, you really do see them in a whole new light. Grant is a Los Angeles based photographer who first studied architecture at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. This education and passion really drives a lot of his photography aesthetically in ways such as structure and surface, one thing I love about Grant’s photography is the natural tones and the stunning lighting, it presents everything in a very consistent manner.

Some of the structures are quite elaborate and overwhelming, maybe a bit on the extreme side for my liking but I still really respect these masterpieces. Each in their own right have a totally different flavour and bring something new to the table, even the geometrics and the material usage is very interesting.

The more I view architecture the more I realise I’m possibly more modern than I think, three things that have really stuck with me is the integration of the outside using glass, natural wood and natural lighting. I like it when an architect showcases a balance between the natural and the man made materials, quite angular and geometric structures interest me more although I really respect some designers who implement curvature into their buildings. Quite extraordinary on some level to get that sort of shape into a building.

Obviously I’m just blabbering on about my own interests, but if you guys want to take a look at Grant Mudford’s website you will not be disappointed. Not only does he take pictures of architecture he also showcases his portrait work, which is fantastic in it’s own right, and also his early black and white work. Check out my favourite shots above and below.