Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

A nice film by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, a company who looks to sell practical and aesthetically pleasing products for the home and office space. Founded by Brian Faherty, the idea was spawned after he discovered a collection of antique cast iron moulds that had been out of production for over fifty years. He decided to bring back these moulds into production and use the best American materials available today, whilst making sure they used hand-crafted production techniques in the process.

Obviously this film is perfectly timed for the run up to Christmas and I’m sure they will get a steady stream of buyers coming through after they’ve seen this, it’s great to see the owner getting involved and to hear him shed some light on the concept and the products. In the store you can find a unique selection of furniture, tableware, office materials and a whole lot more, with two showrooms, one in Portland and another in New York. It’s not the first time I’ve shifted through their online shop and it probably won’t be the last either, whenever I’ve took the time to go through I’ve honestly been captured by more than one product which is quite exciting and I think it’s rare to find these days online with so many things floating around.

This is a perfect piece to finish off your night and is quite inspiring overall, watch their “Founding & Expansion” story video narrated by company founder & owner Brian Faherty below.


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